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Learn to Manipulate the Matrix

“The Matrix is not something to leave, it's something to Manipulate. The Matrix is a reflection of your own thoughts and beliefs, you have the power to shape it in a way that aligns with your heart's desires.  Embrace the adventure of life and live as the director of your own reality.”

Embrace the power to shape your reality. The Matrix is not a trap, but a mirror reflecting your deepest thoughts and beliefs. Align this reflection with your heart's desires and become the director of your own life. Join us to manipulate the Matrix and live the adventure of life to its fullest.

About This Masterclass:

Discover the secrets of the Matrix in this transformative series. As an embodied divine being, you wield immense power as both the player and creator of life. By mastering your conscious and subconscious thoughts, you will learn to manipulate the Matrix, turning every challenge and relationship into a reflection of your desires. Free yourself from the constraints of limiting beliefs and embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

What You Will Gain:

  • Mastery over your thoughts to shape your reality.

  • Insight into patterns and beliefs that define your experiences.

  • The ability to create fulfilling relationships aligned with your true desires.

  • Tools to transform past challenges into catalysts for growth and freedom.

Is This Journey For You? Ask Yourself:

  • Do you feel trapped in repetitive patterns and limiting beliefs?

  • Are unconscious biases and behaviors hindering your growth?

  • Do you desire deeper connections aligned with your authentic self?

  • Are you ready to tap into your power as a creator and manipulate the Matrix?

  • Do you want to manage stress effectively and break free from productivity constraints?

  • Are you eager to use past challenges as fuel for creating a new life?

Course Overview:

Classes Included:

  1. Strategy Class 1-3

  2. Becoming the Master of Your Time for Freedom from Stress Part 1 & 2

Long misunderstood as a realm of adversity, the Matrix is actually a powerful reflection of your inner thoughts and beliefs. This course series empowers you to realize that YOU are the creator. With mastery over your thoughts, both conscious and subconscious, you can redefine your life. Learn the rules of the Game of Life and Matrix as if you wrote them yourself. This series guides you through creating new life relationships from a perspective aligned with your heart, free from unconscious biases and limitations.

What You'll Learn:

  • How thoughts and beliefs mold your reality.

  • Techniques to master your inner thoughts and manipulate the Matrix.

  • Ways to build empowering relationships that reflect your true desires.

  • The skills to live life to the fullest, embracing abundance and fulfillment.


Experience transformation through the words of those who have journeyed before you. Feel the freedom and empowerment they've gained through mastering the Matrix.


“Alana is powerful and magical, Alana is the heart! Her loving, gentle inquiries, and pinpoint accurate exercise, softly yet powerfully open up the energy to find the root of what requires transmutation. In each Q & A call we have, Alana supports all that show up and ask. The energy is multi-layered, so that with each individual interaction, every single person is being transformed. In ways we didn’t even know to ask for. With Alana’s support, I feel like I’m coming into a new and improved communion with myself and how my intuition and power interact with the world. I look forward to each session with Alana, for the shifts and for the heart!” 

- Leva


Alana is a change maker, supporting and guiding you to break free of limitations and move into your truest and most authentic version of yourself. Listening to her speak and being in conversation with her encourages a deep complementation on the nature of reality and our relationship with the divine. She has a beautiful way of creating a space of deep, exquisite unfoldment on topics to do with the nature of what it means to be having a human experience, and the nature of the soul. She does this in such a supportive, playful and lighthearted way, and yet also, with a great deal of depth. Alana is a deeply supportive, compassionate lightworker who sees you as you truly are, in all your divine majesty. She poses deep, inspiring questions and a way of perceiving the ubiquitous nature of the divine that facilitates expansion and growth in a beautiful, creative and joyful way and supports you to expand, contemplate and be in an place of awareness where you can live in greater alignment with your souls path and in relationship with the divine.”



“Alana has a beautiful approach of taking relevant and specific facets of life situations, then combining her knowledge and actual experience into a fresh and vital way of viewing this world and our place in it and within ourselves. She never dictates the path, but mindfully guides me to find the answers within. I leave her sessions feeling completely upgraded and invigorated. I carry multiple lessons and phrases from her sessions around with me, using them confidently in various life situations. As a reminder, I use this mantra in moments of challenge, "what would Alana say", to help me center and navigate. Alana is the Queen of spiritual mic drops. She often pauses after or repeats her words slowly, so the meaning and impact truly sets in. Alana's teachings don't need to be written down and studied, they need to be embraced, practiced, and embodied. Thank you, Alana!”

-Chris Campbell

How It Works:

Our unique method involves a blend of interactive video lessons, real-life applications, and guided self-reflection to ensure that you not only learn but also apply the knowledge to become the master of your reality.

Embark on this transformative journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and conscious creation. Unlock the keys to living a life of authenticity, joy, and limitless potential. Join us today in 'Manipulating the Matrix'.