All things are Energy

Are you ready to break free from subconscious limitations and unlock your true potential? Break through the patten that is trapping you now and embark on a transformative journey towards prosperity, purpose, and inner satisfaction. Learn to diagnose energy blocks, align with your intuition, and manifest a life of abundance. Take the leap through the Quantum Doorway and embrace a new level of being.

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What does all this have in common……

  • Lack of Direction or confusion about purpose……

  • Low Self Esteem, Self Doubt or Imposter Syndrome…….

  • Stress and Overwhelm……….

  • Relationship Challenges, Conflicts or still looking……..

  • Work/Life Imbalance…….

  • Perpetual Trauma Healing……

  • Constant Fear, Stress and Anxiety….

They are all created from a subconscious program that you are living inside, and it is speaking to you to guide you back to your FREEDOM.

Not only that it is the cause of a GLASS Ceiling that is keeping you from breaking into the next level of PROSPERITY, BLESSED LIVING, DIVINE RELATIONSHIPS AND DEEP INNER SATISFACTION FROM LIVING YOUR LIFE PURPOSE.

Unfortunately, it affects all of us. We can be so deep inside it and have been holding on to core beliefs that we have become blind and complacent to it.

Experience the  COMPLETE ENERGY OVERHAUL and liberation from programs. 

  • You will learn how to self diagnose energy blocks and glass ceilings.

  • You will learn how to evaluate your mind state and reality constructing thoughts and actions.

  • You will learn how to MAGNETIZE all that you need to step into your life purpose, and prosperity.

  • You will learn how to move from INTUITION and overall LESS DOING. Activate your innate Spiritual GPS

  • And so much more.

About Alana Aviel


Alana Aviel is a renowned channel, guide, and strategist specializing in creative genius, life mastery, and autonomy. With extensive experience as an Intra-Dimensional Emissary and Objective Observer in the Quantum Field, Alana's primary objective is to illuminate the path for individuals to embody their true divine selves. Through her transformative journey and profound insights gained from diverse ancient wisdom traditions, Alana empowers others to overcome limitations, unlock their divine genius, and embrace freedom from fear.

Alana Aviel brings a wealth of experience from various fields, including architecture, film, advertising, and artistry. Having earned a Doctorate of Architecture and worked with prestigious clients such as Apple, Art Directors Guild, and Converse, she offers a unique perspective as a Visionary Strategist for Intradimensional Leaders. Her expertise extends to recoding outdated paradigms and pushing the boundaries of spiritual evolution. Alana's empowering and transformative methods have been described by clients as wildly empowering and rapidly transformational, enabling them to manifest their dreams and live the life they desire.

“My experience with Alana was so poignant. She has this miraculous way of seeing way into the self, in holding you with grace, to go there, align and seal in the healing so that it permeates. Beautiful being, I feel very lucky to have crossed paths.” - Nora 

“I can’t explain the level of clarity and transformations that have taken place since this process. This is sooo powerful….the transformations started after writing out the cards. That DANG FOG is GONE!” - Heather

“I feel like i have stepped into a whole new vortex which I’m excited to see unfolding… I love seeing from this new perspective.  Thank You, Alana for such a powerful session & more Mind Expansion… More Please!!!” - Nicole 

Common Block that Call for Freedom

Society and convention has structured the everyday in a way that thwarts the development and expression of true visionary genius. 

  • Muted as a child, or “too loud”, “too much”, “too intense”
  • Always pushing limits, but beyond comprehension at times
  • Always asked to stay in the lines
  • Known for asking too many questions and not willing to accept things as they are
  • Rapidly evolving, and rarely understood
  • Either is a deep rebel or always does the right thing to a fault
  • Experiences Imposter Syndrome
  • Engages in Regular Self Sabotage
  • Multidisciplinary / jack of all trades / touted as without focus
  • Feelings of rejection by the world or feeling not of this world
  • Underwhelmed by complacency

Divine Door is for you if: 


  • You know yourself as a leader in the new era
  • You are ready to birth your Masterpiece, OR you feel your Masterpiece is at the tip of your tongue
  • Your heart feels full at the thought of expressing magic from the cutting edge
  • You are ready to express yourself outside of all norms
  • You are ready to activate yourself as Divine Designer
  • You are driven to elevate yourself and others to another level 
  • You seek the path to embody your greatness
  • You want to exceed limitation and go direct into your genius
  • You see yourself as a global leader in the making




Results of this Work

  • Unlock Clarity of your Divine Operating System
  • Learn to observe and and command energy in any experience
  • Easily identify patterns, blocks or behaviors 
  • Bring intimate Leadership to the Masses
  • Utilize ancient practices to augment modern creations
  • Release yourself and others from the norm to teach and create from the cutting edge
  • Elevate your Platforms of Expression
  • Bring forward awareness and autonomy to make allies of the self saboteur
  • Activate towards your deepest desires 
  • Discard Limiting and Outdated Paradigms to embody your unlimited potential
  • Realize the Enigmatic qualities of your clients
  • Bring forward new levels of Abundance
  • Create from the Field of Pure Potential, without uncertainty, and the stress of adversity
  • Use your brain to access ecstatic states of genius
  • Utilize Simplicity and Efficiency as the Default way to crush your goals
  • Achieve states of Hypersanity to access new knowledge 
  • Bring forward an emanation of excellence in creativity that rivals the greats of all time
  • Embody your unlimited potential
  • Trigger states of Self Contemplation that re-machine your reality in real time 
  • Experience everlasting emotional freedom
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Divine Door 1 on 1 Includes

  • 3 Months of Intensive Direct Guidance with Alana Aviel
  • 1-on-1 Sessions, 3 times each week - 60 mins each
  • Direct assistance via Text
  • Altar Dedication and Activations
  • Designed Codes and Paths to Realize your Vision
  • Library of Content 
  • Video + Transcripted Calls 
  • Your Project Material Review
  • MIRROR Dimension Membership is ALSO included! 

This program is intentionally designed to be potent and rigorous.  We dive deep, we don't waste time and we move energy quickly!

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You are a divine child creative, in an adult’s body. 

You have an unlimited ability to create your reality but it is often hidden underneath a seriousness that keeps your heart and soul creator trapped and limited. 

The ability to awaken this creator unlocks  your ability to create without limitation. It allows you to witness yourself as the captain of your reality instead of a passenger getting thrown about without awareness. 

Imagine what it would feel like to be both the game player as well as the game designer. You’d have  unlimited power to play, to trust, to explore… you’d be fearless. Should something appear in the game that you don’t prefer, you simply change the game into another adventure, birthed from that insight using hypsersanity to shift your vibration and identification. This brings forward an expansion of the expression of the divine that you are, which is designed to be without limitation and reconnected with an ocean of divine awareness. 

How often have you looked outside of yourself to have someone else answer the questions of your life for you? 

This is often a default way to experience reality because we are hiding from ourselves in fear of what may come. 

When you attune to how your reality is guiding you and speaking you into further awareness in every moment, you unleash a natural director and leader within yourself, newly awakened to design the best experience. 

The beauty of it all is that you only forgot. And you have been pursuing the greater, or higher you  with codes to remember the whole time. 

So much so, that there is no experience in your reality that is not trying to remind you of this. 

When you tap into this divine stream of awareness you feel both found and guided by your own self in every moment. The highest realized expression of yourself in every moment. The one who knows how to play and design the game in real-time. 

All of life feels like a choose-your-own adventure. 

It would be a step far above the default mode, it would be an empowerment so penetrating to the core that you will have felt like you have awoken in a dream and that you were dreaming reality into being. 

Your soul is craving this remembering because it came here to create and play and empower itself in this adventure. 

It has been calling to you in every moment with cues like failure, block, stuckness or feeling lost. 

These codes are for you to reach out and grab, to read, and to utilize to bring forward your greatest masterpiece, a life of being limitless. 

It is not a journey of healing, it is a journey of remembering and unlocking the gifts that you have been here to deliver the whole time. 

You are the greatest creator because in your reality it is all for you. Each and every moment. 

Going another day without awareness of yourself as the creator is like watching a movie that is waiting for you to decide the next scene. A book that is waiting for you to write the next chapter. 

Why look backward when your future self is beckoning you to trust yourself forward? 

I am here to beckon you forward today. My whole life has been a love story of making the impossible possible. I had a soul addiction to the impossible because I knew it was my destiny to enable people to awaken themselves as the realizer of all to be possible. 

And it was many years of giving my passion away to the wrong people that led me to present this here to you.

It was large companies that used to steal this passion. I have delivered my drive to make the impossible possible to just about everyone who didn't deserve it. I dove through many professions, at every level of success, and every level of responsibility in fields like advertising, tech advising, art, architecture, and business to only find I was looking to remind you. I was looking to remind the hundreds of students I have had the honor to serve to return them to awareness of themselves as the miracle they have been searching for. 

I have elevated people from all walks of life to empower their relationships, their health, their business, and especially their creative side because that is what life is about, living it to its fullest as a playground for our hearts. 

It is a game of mirroring your brilliance right back to you until all you see is your innate genius pouring itself into you in every moment. Imagine what that would unlock in your experience. 


I would love to help illuminate if now is the time to activate that mirror with you. 


This Program is for you if:

  • You are experiencing feelings of being lost or stuck, but know that it is time for you to break into your genius. 

  • You are feeling a natural desire to uplevel your empowerment as a guide or a leader for others.

  • You are sensing a natural ability to be in tune with the divine, but you desire to be tuned in consistently and reliably as the compass to your life.

  • You are looking to amplify your ability to not only hold space for yourself but also for others or for a big following. 

  • You have been a leader for some time and things have started to feel like they are out of your hands.

  • You’ve lost your spark to create or got lost in your work. 


If this feels like you, you are indeed on that precipice of greatness and all it takes to get you there is a solid reflection of that our work together will allow you to meet and truly embody that greatness to allow it to settle in as your primary mode of operation.. 

I believe that there is no greater creator than yourself. Really, and that you are about to awaken to the everlasting peace, joy, and ease that awakening that guidance and creative genius would realize. 

Once you onboard and lock in that guidance, your time, money and freedom will become truly unlimited because you will always know how to guide yourself back home to your unlimited nature with your divine compass. 


The stress, anxiety, and fear that once interrupted you will now feel merely as a cue, as a passing moment, and a form of intel to your Mastery as a Creator of your Reality.

So what is it worth to find that? To find your home as the origin of all of your life and its adventures. As the designer of the game that you live in. The heaven that you are here to occupy and play within. What could hold more value than teaching yourself to code the operating system as opposed to responding to unconscious creations? This is the gift that unlocks all the other gifts you have been attempting to realize in your life, and the moment to shift into the driver's seat in place of staying idle is only one moment away.