One on One Guidance

Visionary Velocity Program

Are you ready to step into your role as a visionary and make a lasting impact on the world? A visionary is someone who possesses the extraordinary ability to see beyond the present, envision a future that doesn't yet exist, and inspire others to join them on the journey of transformation. If you resonate with this mission, then you are about to embark on a remarkable personal and professional transformation with Visionary Velocity.

In Visionary Velocity, we believe that visionaries are destined to be catalysts for systemic change on a global scale. We understand the power of deep emotional intelligence, ancient soul activations, and intra-dimensional awareness in igniting your inner brilliance. Our mission is to empower you to become a balanced beacon of change, bringing a loving and disruptive voice to society.


Divine Door Program

Dissolve Limitation and Magnetize Magnificence


Experience the  COMPLETE ENERGY OVERHAUL and liberation from programs. 

  • You will learn how to self diagnose energy blocks and glass ceilings.

  • You will learn how to evaluate your mind state and reality constructing thoughts and actions.

  • You will learn how to MAGNETIZE all that you need to step into your life purpose, and prosperity.

  • You will learn how to move from INTUITION and overall LESS DOING. Activate your innate Spiritual GPS

  • And so much more.

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Single Session Offerings

Mind Matrix Freedom Session 

What you'll get:

  • 60 Minute Session and Session Recording

  • Core Recommendations and Practices to Amplify the Inertia to Evolve. 

  • Session followup in 2 weeks. 

Alana Aviel, a renowned channel, guide, and strategist, offers transformative "Freedom from Mind Matrix". These sessions are specifically designed to illuminate blind spots within our mind matrix and energetic field, removing obstacles that hinder our alignment with our soul destiny. By directly addressing subconscious root beliefs, this unique technique combines mind architecture and divine inquiry to bring forth illumination and enable scriptwriting from a new perspective. Experience the immeasurable rewards of liberating yourself from the invisible prison of the mind. Alana's expertise has witnessed countless miracles as individuals release themselves from the Mind Matrix, and even a 15-minute session will leave you in awe.



Experience Mind Matrix Freedom

Gift Certificate for One on One Session

Want to share the gift of transformation with someone you love. We are excited to offer this opportunity for session gift certificates. 

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Gift Certificate for a Couple

Would you like to share an expansive session with your partner or know a couple who are elevating together? Share this session with someone you love. 

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