The Futurecasting Process:


Learn tools to Identify origins of blocks, archetypal wounds, and illuminate how they are impacting living the life you dream.


Practices and Rapid Reset methods to eliminate blocks, fears, beliefs and patterns.


We use futurecasting methods to allow you to become the person you aspire to be. Futurecasting requires bringing into creation the future you desire and doing acts of embodiment, activation and clearing in order to step into that new reality. 

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 What is here for you......

Tools for Instant Insight

Clues are streaming at you in real time.  Clues are both seen and unseen. Seen clues are in words that you say, in the way that you describe your life, in the way that you interact with your loved ones, as well as how you relate to your reality and your circumstances.  

To become a Master Futurecaster, it is critical to be listening for the insight needed to clear the field of the old self and walk clearly into your new identity. 

Visual Aids to make the unseen, seen. 

Unseen clues are the tough ones but are also in plain sight, but are just past what we can see with our eyes. When we are able to interact and visually experience energy as related to our ancestors, our family, our DNA our past lives, we are able to bring movement and liberation to those unseen influences on our life. This is how to clear blocks, limiting beliefs and anything else that is in the way of you creating your dream life. 

Ancient Teachings in Modern Applications

Ancient teachings, ceremonies practices and even games reveal that Reality is a MIRROR. Learn how to read reality as it is a reflection of your higher self.  Your True Self is beyond the matrix ideas, beyond societal ideas, beyond family expectations or constraints. Your true self is a life lived fufilled, enjoyed, celebrated and forever peaceful. 


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My name is Alana Aviel,

I spent 6 years in the forest learning codes of reality so you don't have to. 

This, in combo with ancient teachings and technologies are in fact the Instruction Manual to reality creation or "Futurecasting".  The game of life is meant to be played, but if it doesn't feel like play yet, there are just a few things in the way.




LIVE Group Experience, with Direct Support & Masterclass Teachings

Expand your divine toolset, accelerate your awareness and experience your true self, with fellow seekers and masters.
Classes are packed with content ranging from Quantum Physics, Alchemy, The Tantra and so much more, we dive into profound practices to clear obstacles, provide deep personal insight and activate limitless freedom and expression. 
Members in our classes get first hand support and teachings as well as the opportunity to witness the unfurling of challenge for fellow community members. Its my belief that healing, evolving and growing is meant to be done in community. 
The pursuit of personal awareness is the path to a freedom that is priceless. We invite you to soar amongst the stars and witness your greatest self with the community you have been looking for. 
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Futurecasting, is reality creation. 

Your reality is sculpted by the thoughts, feelings, and actions that dwell in your subconscious. These mental patterns can lead to hardships, mental unrest, depression, and more. You've been living within, and limited by, these constraints. But imagine being able to identify these distortions, these disruptions of your true self, and releasing them to step into a life without limits. Together, we'll shed light on your deepest obstacles, trace them back to their origins, and construct a new framework for you to embrace a limitless life. The reward? It's immeasurable. Align with your highest potential and step into the reality of your dreams.

You are the creator of your reality. 

Yes, you are, and that can be a daunting idea unless you equip yourself to be aware of the beliefs that are creating it. Once that connection to the higher self is opened and the process of learning the cues and beliefs of your soul, you then begin to code your desired reality in real time. This is how to become a Divine Creator as opposed to a victim to your reality. 

Learn to diagnose Energetic Distortion 

Reality is a choose your own adventure, but the decisions of your adventure are fulfilled by our subconscious beliefs. Many people know about 50% of the puzzle, called Manifesting, where you are creating direct codes for your reality to realize. But the other 50% is the part where reality is speaking back to you to check for understanding about your requests. 


We offer Group Memberships, 1-1 Programs and Global Retreats

Alana believes that direct instruction is amplified by the witnessing oneself in community. Our group containers are designed to meet individuals at all levels of their journey as well as accessible for all to participate.

In addition you will be welcomed with open arms to a caring and curious body of individuals who range from being on their journey for a long time to those just touching into working with spirit and energy.

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Alana, an advocate of the higher self, helps you break free from internal and external limitations. In her personalized coaching sessions, she reverse-engineers your thoughts, words, and actions to uncover subconscious barriers, providing immediate relief from lifelong struggles.

Once these barriers are cleared, Alana guides you to activate your innate gifts and divine contribution, enabling you to embody your highest self and manifest your infinite leadership potential. Ready to transform your reality?


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In a growing body of online classes, open yourself to a transformative experience that will empower you to create a life of purpose, abundance, and fulfillment. Step into your true potential and start living the extraordinary life you deserve.



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“Alana is a change maker, supporting and guiding you to break free of limitations and move into your truest and most authentic version of yourself. Listening to her speak and being in conversation with her encourages a deep complementation on the nature of reality and our relationship with the divine. She has a beautiful way of creating a space of deep, exquisite unfoldment on topics to do with the nature of what it means to be having a human experience, and the nature of the soul. She does this in such a supportive, playful and lighthearted way, and yet also, with a great deal of depth. Alana is a deeply supportive, compassionate lightworker who sees you as you truly are, in all your divine majesty. She poses deep, inspiring questions and a way of perceiving the ubiquitous nature of the divine that facilitates expansion and growth in a beautiful, creative and joyful way and supports you to expand, contemplate and be in an place of awareness where you can live in greater alignment with your souls path and in relationship with the divine.”


“Alana has a beautiful approach of taking relevant and specific facets of life situations, then combining her knowledge and actual experience into a fresh and vital way of viewing this world and our place in it and within our selves. Alana's topics are always salient and resonant with my life and help me to make immediate changes in the way I view, feel and approach any situation. She never dictates the path, but mindfully guides me to find the answers within. I leave her sessions feeling completely upgraded and invigorated. She masterfully balances sharing her earned wisdom with posing pointed questions back to her audience to maximize the impact. I carry multiple lessons and phrases from her sessions around with me, using them confidently in various life situations. As a reminder, I use this mantra in moments of challenge, "what would Alana say", to help me center and navigate. Alana is the Queen of spiritual mic drops. She often pauses after or repeats her words slowly, so the meaning and impact truly sets in. Alana's teachings don't need to be written down and studied, they need to be embraced, practiced, and embodied. Thank you, Alana!”
-Chris Campbell
"Alana operates from the highest space of love - she has an incredible gift to be able to reflect to you your true greatness and illuminate the fullness of your potential. Every conversation with her is a journey into expansion, and she holds an infinite space for exploration of wonder and possibility. This has the power to shift you to the highest space of joy.
For me personally, I feel like I have been able to access parts of myself and my knowing that have previously been unable to access, and to be able to articulate all the things I know on a deep, deep level. Being in the space she creates is a true soul return for me. Every word lights the cells of my being. 
What that creates in your life is a deep sense of trust in your divine connection and a playfulness for the game that is this human experience, enabling you to glide through life with lightness and ease.
She is truly extraordinary, with an unshakeable vision and a pure heart. Expect to be held with utmost care, carried on infinite wisdom and guided through expansive multi-dimensional journeys that will open your heart and transform your life experience.``


"Like many of us humans, I’ve been feeling anxious, lost and a bit without purpose these past couple of years. After just one session working with Alana, I felt more like myself than I have in years. Right away, she helped me to cut through all of the clutter (fear, confusion, false identities, etc.) that has accumulated in my psyche over the years to help me remember who I am.  She serves it up from her heart in the most REAL way and is truly gifted at reacquainting people with their soul — with their most authentic selves. "

Lisa H.

We Serve:

  • Leaders, Innovators, Teachers & Students of the Multidimensional Community
  • Freedom Seekers
  • Individuals on the Ascension Path
  • Your Highest Self

We Offer:

  • Energy Diagnostics
  • Divine Mind Design
  • Framework to Pure Autonomy
  • Purpose Driven Activations
  • Divine Essence Distillation
  • Persona and Brand Development
  • Revisualization of Sensory Awareness


  • Quantum Leap into new Reality
  • Freedom from Mind Prisons
  • Ability to live from a new outlook
  • Better Performance in Life, Business and Relationships
  • Experience of personal Truth
  • Understanding of Purpose
  • Liberation from Limitation