How do I find the Zoom link for live classes in The MIRROR DIMENSION? 

Please visit the Announcements page ( where you will find¬†this week's class info and Zoom link displayed at the top. These are posted on Mondays and will also appear in your email if you have added [email protected]¬†as a contact.


How do I change my billing settings or cancel my membership?

Please visit https://offerings.mirror-/ then login.  Once you are logged in, scroll down to Active Subscriptions.  Click on the three dots (...) next to The Mirror Dimension which will allow you to change your payment settings or cancel your subscription.  If you choose to cancel, your membership access will continue until what would have been your next billing date.  And remember, you can always re-join any time, although pricing and membership perks may be subject to change for new members.


Help! I am having trouble logging into my member portal.

Please¬†email [email protected]¬†for assistance with your login and/or password issues.