Alana Aviel, a spiritual leader, visionary guide, and renowned channel whose transformative teachings draw from diverse ancient wisdom traditions as well as other worldly spiritual concepts. 

Alana's journey began as a walk in soul, having come into the earth adventure in a tragic motorcycle accident and miraculously healing from intense brain injuries. From here she realized that she had brought intra-dimensional awareness often withheld from the human experience through childhood. She actualized these profound insights by retreating to the forest to witness first hand the truth of nature. From there she emerged to study with indigenous masters and ceremonies, to then reintegrate into the matrix experience carrying the core base operating system of reality. 

Alana’s care practices use processes of rewiring cognitive biases, transforming ingrained habits, and transcending emotional reactions. Through the transformative process of self discovery, Alana empowers you to become the architect of your own enlightenment, gaining profound insights into the patterns and architectures of your perception of reality.

Her practices, influenced by Tantra, Psychitecture, Game Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, and esteemed thinkers across time, Alana offers a unique, accessible and reality altering approach to personal growth and transformation.

As an Intra-Dimensional Emissary and Objective Observer of the Quantum Field, Alana illuminates your path to embodying your divine essence and transcending limitations. She draws upon wisdom accumulated across lifetimes to recode outdated paradigms, allowing you to embrace a life of expansive possibilities.

Alana's teachings are a powerful catalyst for personal growth, abundance, self mastery, and new methods of success, simplify and joy for living a powerful life. Clients describe her methods as unfathomably empowering and transformative, magnifying their potential and bringing their desired realities to life. Many clients experience freedom from the inner narrator, and walk into their life as the real time creator. For this reason her client roster has included powerful guides and teachers in spirituality as well as big players in business, performance and thought. 

Before her spiritual journey, Alana Aviel ventured through diverse pursuits, earning a Doctorate and leaving her mark as an emerging artist. In addition it was her experiences in technology that allowed her to serve top CEOs and creators in New York City and was the launching pad for her awareness and mastery of the real mind operating system. Today, as a Visionary Strategist for Intradimensional Leaders, Alana imparts mind-blowing teachings in The MIRROR DIMENSION, empowering spirit-driven individuals to create lasting impact. She also leads transformative retreats to Egypt for ancient soul-remembering and activation.

Personal Share from Alana

It was a long road to find out the aspects of this persona. 

I used to be a systems analyst and workflow designer to optimize professionals processes so they could work less.  I hadn’t noticed I was being taught to ANALYZE

I used to  have another business as a Digital Advisor where people use my genius to simplify their processes. I hadn’t noticed I was being taught to LIBERATE

I used to be an artist beaming about individuality.   I hadn’t noticed I was being taught to IDENTIFY CHANGE

I used to be an Architect until I realized  that unfortunately Architects have to navigate a majority  paperwork and red tape than design.  I hadn’t noticed I was being taught to OBLITERATE OBSTACLES

I used to have another job in Advertising as the “Red Phone” for brands like Converse, Budweiser and Captain Morgan to make the impossible possible on no time with no money.  I hadn’t noticed I was being taught to shift the IMPOSSIBLE to POSSIBLE

I used to work for Apple at the 24 Hour Genius Bar 5th Avenue in NY to reunite people with their computers and devices. 

I hadn’t noticed was being taught to bring people AWARENESS and RESPONSIBILITY

I used to be a film projectionist at an Art House movie theatre showing global films. I hadn’t noticed that I was destined to be CONNECTED

These professions were elements and gifts in the path to embodying the person I am now.

And more surprisingly, I used to be a whole other person but I had a near death experience and landed here on earth as the Intra-dimensional Teacher’s Teacher that I am now.

The years following my accident were a massive rewriting of my understanding of life on earth. They brought me into all walks of life all over the globe learning from the real teachers: plants, animals, elements and ancient practices and writings.  

When I came back to the 3rd Dimension this is my truth:

All these paths showed me that all I ever wanted was to be in service to YOU.

The universe was exercising my awareness to lead me to know all I am coded to be.

The universe coded me to see the world as I see it now, limitless and a canvas of creation.

The universe designed me to bring light to liberation from all Fears and Limitations.

The universe designed me to see the New Paradigm and see beyond the old patterns, beliefs and boundaries.

And this I know for sure. I am not going back into these other pursuits because the one and only pursuit that exists for me is to bring you Rapture, Ecstasy, Ease and Freedom from fear.  It is my highest honor to bring forward these discoveries as I believe the meaning of life is to "KNOW THYSELF" 

I look forward to getting to know you and being the advocate of your higher self against all odds. 



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