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Join Visionary Velocity and embark on an extraordinary journey of personal and professional transformation. Together, we will unleash your infinite potential and create a world where your visionary genius can flourish, empower and inspire great change. 

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What is a Visionary?

Are you ready to step into your role as a visionary and make a lasting impact on the world? A visionary is someone who possesses the extraordinary ability to see beyond the present, envision a future that doesn't yet exist, and inspire others to join them on the journey of transformation. If you resonate with this mission, then you are about to embark on a remarkable personal and professional transformation with Visionary Velocity.

In Visionary Velocity, we believe that visionaries are destined to be catalysts for systemic change on a global scale. We understand the power of deep emotional intelligence, ancient soul activations, and intra-dimensional awareness in igniting your inner brilliance. Our mission is to empower you to become a balanced beacon of change, bringing a loving and disruptive voice to society.

Guiding you through this transformative journey is Alana Aviel, a seasoned mentor who serves driven and committed leaders. This one-on-one experience is highly personalized and exclusive to a select few individuals. It requires your full dedication to removing limiting beliefs, obstacles, and energies that hinder your infinite genius from fully activating. We understand that this process demands significant investments of time and energy, but we assure you that the rewards are immeasurable.

Alana firmly believes that the time has come to bring forth infallible leaders, those who can effortlessly tap into the collective stream of consciousness and create profound shifts. That's why this program is intentionally rigorous—it's designed to trigger your personal activation, enabling collective transformation, one beacon leader at a time.

Step into your Legacy

I believe that there is a unique set of individuals designed to be on the leading edge of the conscious experience. It is those individuals who blaze the trail for others to follow. One of the most important practices for individuals of that design is to cultivate practices to wash away hard edges and enter into a consistent state of liminality. 

Liminality is the state of Hypersanity. 

We will work together to bring awareness to the framework with which you sculpt your experience and tether the IAM THAT I AM within to allow a deconstruction and reconstruction of self and the collective from a field of infinite potential.

Experience Visionary Velocity

Many ‘normal’ people suffer from not being hypersane: they have a restricted worldview, confused priorities, and are wracked by stress, anxiety and self-deception. As a result, they sometimes do dangerous things, and become fanatics or fascists or otherwise destructive (or not constructive) people. In contrast, hypersane people are calm, contained and constructive. It is not just that the ‘sane’ are irrational but that they lack scope and range, as though they’ve grown into the prisoners of their arbitrary lives, locked up in their own dark and narrow subjectivity. Unable to take leave of their selves, they hardly look around them, barely see beauty and possibility, rarely contemplate the bigger picture – and all, ultimately, for fear of losing their selves, of breaking down, of going mad, using one form of extreme subjectivity to defend against another, as life – mysterious, magical life – slips through their fingers.” -The hypersane are among us, if only we are prepared to look -Neel Burton


Alana Aviel


Alana is committed to the total obliteration of old paradigm patterns, fears and limitations to being and has developed her deep and clear channel to the higher self of the individual. Her clients have described her methods as wildly empowering and rapidly transformational, with results that propel their experience forward into the life they dream of.

Alana began her journey in the game of life with a vision from beyond. And like many other individuals who have experienced an NDE, she came with a vision that exceeds fear and conventional thought. In addition, being what is known as a “walk-in”, she arrived in life mid-stream, learning the ways of reality without standard indoctrinations like school, social pressure and childhood trauma. She has also brought together a life of extremes, having pushed through business and success in the competitive cauldron of New York. As well as the polar opposite, living amongst nature in a simple life in the forest, watching the divine intelligences imbibe her ways of thinking with the underlying systems of this planet. She has sat with a large array of indigenous ceremonies and wisdoms to swirl her otherworldly, even alien, intelligence with the ancient practices of this planet. 

It is from these experiences she has unlocked her problem solving and observant skills to witness all of you. Your current perspectives and challenges as well as your innate genius, method of learning and sharing as well as your true nature, ready to be born to its fullest.

With Alana as your guide, together you will strategically weave together and activate all parts of your highest being –  your unique divine genius, your abilities to access states of hypersanity and your vision for the new earth – to create your Legacy Level Visionary impact.

“My session with Alana was so poignant. She has this miraculous way of seeing way into the self, in holding you with grace, to go there, align and seal in the healing so that it permeates. Beautiful being, I feel very lucky to have this experience.” - Nora 

“I can’t explain the level of clarity and transformations that have taken place since this process. This is sooo powerful….the transformations started after writing out the cards. That DANG FOG is GONE!” - Heather

“I feel like i have stepped into a whole new vortex which I’m excited to see unfolding… I love seeing from this new perspective.  Thank You, Alana for such a powerful experience & more Mind Expansion… More Please!!!” - Nicole 

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Common Experiences and Blocks of a Visionary

Society and convention has structured the everyday in a way that thwarts the development and expression of true visionary genius. 

  • Muted as a child, or “too loud”, “too much”, “too intense”
  • Always pushing limits, but beyond comprehension at times
  • Always asked to stay in the lines
  • Known for asking too many questions and not willing to accept things as they are
  • Rapidly evolving, and rarely understood
  • Either is a deep rebel or always does the right thing to a fault
  • Experiences Imposter Syndrome
  • Engages in Regular Self Sabotage
  • Multidisciplinary / jack of all trades / touted as without focus
  • Feelings of rejection by the world or feeling not of this world
  • Underwhelmed by complacency

Visionary Velocity is for you IF: 


  • You know yourself as a leader in the new era
  • You are ready to birth your Masterpiece, OR you feel your Masterpiece is at the tip of your tongue
  • Your heart feels full at the thought of expressing magic from the cutting edge
  • You are ready to express yourself outside of all norms
  • You are ready to activate yourself as Divine Designer
  • You are driven to elevate yourself and others to another level 
  • You seek the path to embody your greatness
  • You want to exceed limitation and go direct into your genius
  • You see yourself as a global leader in the making



Results of this Work

  • Unlock Clarity of your Divine Operating System
  • Learn to observe and and command energy in any experience
  • Easily identify patterns, blocks or behaviors 
  • Bring intimate Leadership to the Masses
  • Utilize ancient practices to augment modern creations
  • Release yourself and others from the norm to teach and create from the cutting edge
  • Elevate your Platforms of Expression
  • Bring forward awareness and autonomy to make allies of the self saboteur
  • Activate towards your deepest desires 
  • Discard Limiting and Outdated Paradigms to embody your unlimited potential
  • Realize the Enigmatic qualities of your clients
  • Bring forward new levels of Abundance
  • Create from the Field of Pure Potential, without uncertainty, and the stress of adversity
  • Use your brain to access ecstatic states of genius
  • Utilize Simplicity and Efficiency as the Default way to crush your goals
  • Achieve states of Hypersanity to access new knowledge 
  • Bring forward an emanation of excellence in creativity that rivals the greats of all time
  • Embody your unlimited potential
  • Trigger states of Self Contemplation that re-machine your reality in real time 
  • Experience everlasting emotional freedom
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Visionary Velocity 1-on-1 Includes:

  • 3 Months of Intensive Direct Guidance with Alana Aviel
  • 1-on-1 Sessions, 3 times each week - 45 mins each
  • Direct assistance via Text
  • Altar Dedication and Activations
  • Designed Codes and Paths to Realize your Vision
  • Library of Content 
  • Video + Transcripted Calls 
  • Your Project Material Review
  • MIRROR Dimension Membership is ALSO included! 

This program is intentionally designed to be potent and rigorous.  We dive deep, we don't waste time and we move energy quickly!

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With Alana as your Visionary Strategist, You WILL

  • Leverage Fear for Creative Genius
  • Accomplish unfathomable productivity with Flow State
  • Use Intradimensional Dynamics to actualize any vision
  • Direct Time with Energy
  • Create a Passion-driven Reality
  • Declare your Autonomy to attain Freedom from the constant Doing
  • Experience personal Transcendence as Willpower
  • Illuminate the saboteur to abolish fear
  • See Personal Encounters as a Catalyst  for Evolution
  • Eliminate Blocks to embody Boundlessness
  • Access an Encyclopedia of Becoming the “I am That I am” or Divine Avatar
  • Pattern a Reliable Path to access your Creative Genius 
  • Design your workflow to mirror Life Flow & your Life Style
  • Emanate your Individuality with Divine Magnetism
  • Position the Mindset of an Architect to Design even the most complex projects from the Eagle Eye
  • Direct your Experience from Purpose
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